Top Prospect Showcases

Before a Showcase, players need to be proactive in the recruiting process. Players should call college coaches you are interested in and let them know the dates, times and location of the showcase. Invite them to see you display your skills. As a member of our Recruiting Network, you have access to out database of coaches and their contact information.

Why is it important to attend showcases?

  • To get exposure. A College Coach can't recruit you if he doesn't know who you are.
  • You will receive an honest, fair, unbiased third party assessment on your baseball skills and abilities from our staff.
  • Top Prospects will be ranked by graduation class and skill test results will be sent to College Coaches.
  • Top Prospects will receive an invitation to play on the Wisconsin All-Star Fall National U/16 or U/17 baseball teams.

Wisconsin Baseball Report wants to give you the tools you need to become a successful Student Athlete so that you can further your career in baseball.

The Showcase is limited to 96 players. Every year we sell out, so sign up today!

Preparing for a Top Prospect Showcase

  • What to bring to a Showcase +

    Players that attend the Wisconsin High School TOP PROSPECT or the Great Lakes TOP PROSPECT Showcase will be given a camp t-shirt. They should wear baseball pants, socks and bring their cleats. Position players should bring their glove and baseball bat. You can use a wood bat or a metal bat. Catchers need to bring their catching gear.

  • Your job at the Showcase +

    Arrive early. Anticipate delays due to poor directions

    Dress before you walk up to the field. Nothing looks worse than a half dressed sloppy ball player

    Wear a shirt that has your name spelled on the back. With 100 other players on the field you want your name to stand out

    Appear relaxed and comfortable, even if you are not.

    Do not ask your parents to run errands for you. Get your own jacket from the car. Show responsibility.

    Listen to the camp directors. Be where you are supposed to be.

    Be attentive and alert. This is not a time to goof off with the guys.

    Wait until after the workout to ask for running times, arm grades, etc.

    If you are having a bad day, realize that there are other camps.

    Many times coaches and scouts will have seen you play before they know your skill level. They like to see how you react when things do not go your way. If you show a good attitude and composure when you are not having your best day you will leave a good impression in their minds. Anyone can have a great attitude when things are going well, but only true winners realize they are better than what they are displaying.
    Winners know there will be other days.


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