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    Join Wisconsin Baseball Report recruiting network. $99 high school membership. Read More
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This Weekend's 2014 Midwest Classic Wood Bat Tournament Schedule

Park- All games will be played at Nash Park in Kenosha Wisconsin. The address to the park is 5909 56th Street, Kenosha WI 53140.

Rules – All NFHS rules apply with the following exceptions:

Teams can bat entire line up and there is free substitution

Games are 2 hours in length from time of first pitch.

No metal bats. Only wood or composite wood bats are used.

Run Rule: 12 after 3 innings

                   10 after 4 innings

                   8 after 5 innings.

Courtesy runner for pitcher/catcher is mandatory after 2 outs. Up until then it is optional.

Pitching Restrictions. 10 innings max for any one pitcher for the weekend.

Tie Breakers: Head-to-head, runs allowed, runs scored, coin toss.

Trophy – Team trophy will be given to 1st place team.

We will only be using certified WIAA high school umpires or college umpires. There are NO protests. All umpires decisions are final.

College Coaches: This is our last event for the Wisconsin All-Stars summer U/17 team. We have invited via e-mail every college coach from Wisconsin & Illinois to come scout this event.

Gate Fee: There is a daily gate fee of $5.00 per adult. Senior Citizens are $3.00. Kids ages 5 to 18 are $2.00. The gate fee helps off set the rental of the fields and helps pay for baseballs and umpire fees.

Schedule: Team                     Manager           Contact_________________

Team 1: Wisconsin All-Stars Mike Buelow   414-423-1447

Team 2: Illinois Indians          Nelson Gord     847-877-1117  

Team 3: Lakeside Cardinals

Team 4: Fastball USA             Mike Ryan         630-886-2422

Team 5: Northern County Crush Bob Tiso     815-675-3141

Team 6: Lombard Lightning Bill O’Brien       630-327-7251

Friday, July 25

                         Field #1                                                     Field #2

4:00pm           1 Vs 6                                                      5 Vs 2

6:00pm           4 Vs 3                                                       2 Vs 6

8:00pm           1 Vs 4                                                       3 Vs 5


Saturday, July 26

                         Field #1                                                      Field #2

10:00am         1 Vs 2                                                         3 Vs 6

12:00pm         4 Vs 5                                                         2 Vs 3

2:00pm           5 Vs 1                                                         6 Vs 4


Sunday, July 27

                     Field #1                                                       Field #2

10:00am     1 Vs 3                                                           5 Vs 6

12:00pm     4 Vs 2

2:00pm       1 seed Vs 2 seed                                         3 seed Vs 4 seed

4:00pm         5 seed Vs 6 seed                  



Noah Fink Throws Perfect Game

History was made on Tuesday, June 17th when Noah Fink from Sheboygan Lutheran – Kohler High School threw a PREFECT GAME against Ozaukee High School. Noah struck out 12 batter is his perfect game. Sheboygan Lutheran – Kohler High School won the game by a score of 4-0.

Coach Tim Muth had this say about Noah’s Perfect Game. “Tonight was the best control that I have seen from Noah. Noah was as strong with his fastball at the end of the game as he was at the beginning. Noah was very efficient by locating his fastball the entire game. He kept hitters off balance with his off speed pitches. Everything was working to “perfection” for Noah.”

Read more: Noah Fink Throws Perfect Game

Wisconsin Baseball Report Draft Predictions

Wisconsin Baseball Report scouts believe these players have the best chance of getting drafted in the 2014 MLB amateur draft. They are:

  • J.P. Feyereisen, RHP, Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Jordan Hass, RHP, Pewaukee
  • Zack Henderson, RHP/OF, Greendale
  • Jeren Kendal, OF, Holmen
  • Miles Lewis, C, Hudson
  • Noah Sadler, OF/1B, Mukwonago
  • Colin Butkiewicz, C, Greendale

Jordan Hass, Jeren Kendall and Colin Butkiewicz all played for the Wisconsin All-Stars. The All-Stars are Wisconsin #1 High School Exposure Showcase Team. If you are interested in trying out for the 2014 Wisconsin All-Stars U/17 and U/16 National Fall Baseball Teams contact Mike Buelow at Check back with us after the draft to see who was drafted from Wisconsin.


80mph Club

These players throw 80mph+ and are potential DI or DII recruits.

 See their player profiles